Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority was established as a Mayoral Combined Authority in 2017 to make life better, healthier and fairer for all. As the authority revises its focus to 2025, much of the original purpose and ambition remains, with increased attention to address post-pandemic areas of deficit and more recent impact of climate, energy and cost of living crises. This overall strategy is to further enable a prosperous Cambridgeshire and Peterborough region; one that is more equitable, more environmentally sustainable, and securing good growth for its residents and businesses.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is a high growth area that is a world leader in science and technology, with unparalleled levels of cutting edge research, growth businesses and highly skilled jobs. The area is a significant net contributor to the UK economy. With such rapid growth in specific areas and wider post-pandemic and cost of living difficulties being experienced by many communities, sufficient infrastructure and equitable growth across the entire region are substantial challenges in the near future. It is considered that investment in the region is much more likely to generate a positive return to the UK economy than the same investment elsewhere in the UK and therefore this position needs to continue to be nurtured, amplified and prioritised with future devolution and further investment in infrastructure and skills.

The 2017 Devolution Deal for the region focused on delivering substantial economic growth, enhancing the region’s international reputation, accelerating housing growth to meet demand, using strong public service partnerships, achieving a skills base to match business need, and providing connectivity and transport systems fit for modern day working and living.

With devolved power for transport and passenger transport, housing and infrastructure funds, investment funding allocations, post-19 skills provision, and more effective joint working with the Department for International Trade; the Mayor and the Combined Authority seek to fully utilise these powers in the delivery of this updated strategy. Further, the Combined Authority will work with partners to consider parameters for future devolution deals for the region.

The Combined Authority and its constituent councils take a proactive approach to enabling sustainable growth. Continued strength in partnership working and delivery with constituent councils, NHS, ICS, businesses, community groups and organisations across the region is pivotal in delivering the ambitions for the area.